Private copying, § 54 UrhG [Copyright Act]

Private copies of TV broadcasts are permissible, but § 54 UrhG makes them subject to payment of a fee.

The statutory entitlement to remuneration applies to the makers of recording devices and storage media which are used to effect private copying. The right to collection also extends to digital media, like CD and DVD copiers and blanks. The claims of the film producer based on any contracts concluded from 1 July 2002 are only assignable to a collecting society (cf. §§ 94, section 4, 63 a UrhG).

Most existing collecting societies in Germany have amalgamated to form ZPÜ, the Zentral¬stelle für Private Überspielungsrechte [Central Agency for Private Copying Rights], to facilitate the assertion of their claims. Remuneration sums collected by ZPÜ are divided up in accordance with a key agreed amongst the collecting societies, and distributed on this basis by the individual collecting societies to the parties entitled.