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When are payments made?

Payments are made annually.

What broadcasting companies receive remuneration as members of VGF?

For remunerations from Germany, from the broadcasting year 2005 onward the following broadcasting stations may be mentioned: ARD, ZDF, SAT.1, RTL, PRO 7, Kabel1, 3SAT, RTL 2, Super RTL**, VOX, ARTE**, Kinderkanal**, Phoenix*, BR, WDR, NDR, HR, S3, MDR, RBB.

* Only for German films. ** In the case of foreign film works, only the European cinema film results in remuneration.

How does VGF find out that my films are being broadcast?

VGF Munich researches the broadcasting dates of feature films that have been shown in cinemas in Germany. The broadcasting dates of other films must be communicated to us by the person entitled to receive royalties directly. In this connection we organise a registration campaign on a regular basis. All persons entitled to receive royalties will be notified of this in good time. VGF Berlin researches the broadcasting dates of all foreign films for the broadcasting company that has a financial interest.

How does VGF calculate the remuneration amounts?

Remuneration amounts for the individual productions are determined by means of a points system.

When can I expect to receive my money?

Following return of the release declaration, signed with legally binding effect, your remuneration claims will be settled by a payment to your account within 14 days.

Does money also come from abroad?

The above statutory remuneration rights also subsist in various other European countries.

VGF Munich asserts such rights in respect of German film works in these countries as well with the various national copyright associations, and receives the associated remuneration for distribution to its members entitled to the payment of royalties. The national copyright association is responsible for determining the films that have been broadcast and the broadcasting dates.

VGF Berlin asserts rights in respect of foreign film works with the Austrian and Swiss copyright associations, so covering other German-speaking countries.