Remuneration from the hire of videos and DVDs (§ 27 UrhG [Copyright Act])

When video cassettes are rented out, the film copyright holders have a statutory remuneration entitlement in accordance with § 27, section 1 UrhG. The film producers have a part in this claim on the basis of the contracts concluded between them and the film makers. This statutory claim is one for which the operators of video rental stores are liable.

In this area as well VGF has joined with the other collecting societies to facilitate the assertion of the rights involved. Claims on the video rental stores are asserted by GEMA for the ZVV - Zentral-stelle für Videovermietung [Central Video Hire Agency]. The further distribution of income is in turn based on a key agreed between the shareholders of ZVV, with remuneration then being passed on by the individual collecting societies to their members entitled to receive royalties.

For the payment of remuneration from video hire in accordance with § 27 UrhG, the availability of the film work in the form of a rental cassette or DVD during the relevant payment period is the definitive condition.